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No. They will NOT do it exactly like you will…but they may do it better!

No.  They will not do it exactly like you will…but they may do it better!
By Talmar Anderson

Deciding to hire and grow is a new and cumbersome chapter for any business owner.   There is a lot of hard work that goes in to creating the documentation and processes to support someone else doing ANYTHING you used to do yourself. Creating a hiring, interviewing and on-boarding process is not for the faint of heart.  Today I want to make one simple point that some of you may not really believe.  You KNOW that I love processes and systems.  However, the real key to great team work is letting them bring something to the table…Maybe just a little salt to cut your already sweet workflow.

Once an employee is trained, given the correct tools and understands the culture and clients you have driven for so long, there is a secret to making it work. Assign new projects by results wanted and a deadline. That is right. You NO LONGER get to tell them how high to cross the “t”.

This is a major part of that turning point for real growth.  If you are planning on / dreaming of/ envisioning more profits, more clients more products and services, then more of your time is needed.  The only way to give you more time is to take something that is currently filling up your schedule and give it to someone else.

If anyone else can be doing it, then you should not.  The business owner ideally should be doing only what no one else can do. And trust me; someone else can do truly most, if not all, of it. We are all replaceable, right?

Someone else CAN actually do what you do…they just might do it differently.  And this is the problem that gets us stuck in that micro-manager role. Differently may be of severe consequence (calling a client unreasonable) but if your hiring process vetted the employees experience and your – has included training this is HIGHLY unlikely to occur. Some would say, unreasonable, to expect.

Let’s consider what could be exciting about this delegation concept.  Likely, your strong hire will do it differently than you would and it will be….better! If you can allow your mind to consider that your way is NOT the only way.  And that someone may have a better way! Now your company can grow and at a much quicker pace.

If you are fortunate enough to have a “get it done” kind of employee, I encourage you to give them as little detail on new projects as possible. Give them enough direction to ensure your company’s quality or uniqueness but just tell them what result is ideal and when you want it in your hand.  If you can care less about how they get projects and task done you will be free to hand it off and really turn your attention to other items.  Isn’t that the point here?

Do ensure that you give employees opportunities for clarification or modification. However, build a culture of expectation that the employee should make decisions and create results through their own devices.  This ownership will create a loyalty and a confidence that will allow them to succeed at these projects as well as those in the future.

Consider these 2 truths to successful business

  • You cannot succeed trying to do it all yourself.  
  • Your way is NOT the only way.

The faster you embrace these ideas and put actions into play that support these truths the faster you will get to consider which project YOU want to put into your own calendar.