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Stars-In-Your-Eyes Hiring Loop

Stars-In-Your-Eyes Hiring Loop
By Talmar Anderson

Interviewing for employees. It can be a rollercoaster ride. This is the part of the hiring process where we get to see if the paper and person actually are as good as we hoped. Too often hopes are crushed under the steady gaze of an overly aggressive person who neither felt a shower nor a clean shirt were worth the effort of a first impression! So it is no wonder we get overly excited when we meet someone that is actually capable and professional.  But can you relate to the Stars-In-Your-Eyes feeling of a person you actually feel you might enjoy working with?  That person who will breeze into the job, pick it up quickly and immediately take over that portion of the workload that MUST be handed off?

But whooooa…cool your jets. While it may be true that you could find a great candidate that will grow into a C-level role, there is something you need to understand. It is unlikely that the employee will be with you long enough.

Overqualified can quickly lead to a short employment thus feeding the feeling of a never ending hiring loop.  This candidate very likely will get:

  • bored and therefore make mistakes,
  • bored and therefore look for something else to do including a new job or,
  • bored and they may completely disengage from the work and your mission while offending your clients!

Make sure you are considering what your business needs RIGHT NOW.  Not next year, “someday” or even during your world domination organizational chart forecasted for 3 years from now? If they are overqualified, that can be just as expensive and indicative of a hiring loop as an overpromising, far reaching candidate.

The truth is NOT every person you hire in the first few years will grow to hold a seat in your C-level suite. You wouldn’t want that anyway.  What makes them the right fit during start up and rapid or responsive growth likely is going to make them unsatisfied during diversification and slowed strategic growth processes. If the great new candidate is not interested in managing people anymore, then you should not plan around them taking on that role.  Yes, someone will need to take that role eventually, but we can hire for that need when your hiring triggers for that position are met! (Don’t have Hiring Triggers yet? Might be time to call Talmar It Up.  Just sayin’.)

Certainly there are exceptions!  Sometimes very qualified people want to step out of high stress, highly time consuming roles.  But this also means this person likely will not want that role when you grow to needing someone to take on a full load.  AND THAT IS OK!  As long as you both are clear about what you each want, this can work for your employee and your company.

So with that exception tucked into your memory banks, I give you one of the hiring rules for my clients.  Hire for what your business needs right nowDo not let the stars-in-your-eyes blind you to the responsibility you have for your company’s growth.

Have you ever suffered from the overqualified hire? How did it work for your company? Were you able to find a way to make it work for everyone? I’d love to know!