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Employees Want Flexible..

Employees Want Flexible
But Does Your Business Need Structure?

by Talmar Anderson

When building our teams, I hear from my clients that they want to offer the flexibility of schedule. They want to be competitive, build loyalty or think that employees will only want to join teams that offer work life balance and “support” employees that want to have it all. Please be aware that if you are hiring with a promise that “we will work around your scheduling needs”…well, you will either be closing up shop or have a crazy stressed out and overwhelming life as the owner of this business. Can you identify? Then here’s more to consider.

Do you know anyone that has had an employee that is a great assistant and asked for the flexibility to work around the caseloads for a Master’s Degree?  Each semester they both determine the exact timing of the work schedule that will support the company’s needs and the employee’s class or project load.  Even if that is not inconvenient or less than supportive of the company and business owner, you need to understand their loyalty will eventually shift even though you bent over backwards for them. A graduate with a Master’s in Psychology is unlikely to want to continue on as your right hand man after said achievement. They are building toward advancement in their personal and professional life.  And THAT is OK.  If you want to hire young and ambitious people then it is time to understand that they are each likely to hit a spot where “more” means more than your company.

The key is to consider the impact on you and your business with each change or benefit of flexibility you offer. Don’t bend over to keep an expensive or overly educated or growth oriented employee if your company neither has the need nor honestly the means!  If you need someone consistently available for calls because high touch availability is one of your core offerings, the business owner “filling in” should not even be on the table.  You hired for a reason and knew that your business was better served by having call availability staffed regularly.

Decide what your business needs before you give up the farm.  Seriously…No one is going look after your company like you should.  And while employees are the piece that will bring you success…not everyone is going to be the right employee for what your business needs right now.

There is definitely more than one person that can do the job.  They will all do it a little differently but there is someone else that can get it done within a set time fame, with specific results while ensuring that quality is on target.  Certain business models will not be able to achieve this consistently if you are letting your staff work when they want and how they want.

You do not need to keep them at all costs.  In fact, here is some news for some of you.  The employees you hire now are VERY unlikely to all be on staff 5 years from now! If they are able to meet your company’s needs for 2-5 years…That is great and successful. That is business and professional growth.  And that is what you want!

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Training New Hires Got You Down?

Training New Hires Got You Stressed?
Do this to smash your stress!

By Talmar Anderson

For entrepreneurs that have had bad experiences hiring, the training is the “thing” they point to as the worst part. Have you ever been disappointed? That seemingly smart and motivated person now seems unfocused. That new hire that sold themselves as a self-starter is jamming up your email inbox with questions. That outgoing people loving candidate keeps coming back to your office and seemingly hiding while interrupting YOUR work flow after every new customer call to discuss deliverable options. Have you had any of these experiences? I have even heard some clients complain they weren’t sure it was worth the growth and scaling of their business! YIKES! Other people can and will help you build your business. Success does not have to be created only by you. If you have ever thought “it would be awesome if I never had to do this again”, I have 3 steps you can do to make hiring and training for the growth of your business MUCH, MUCH easier!

First a truth, training is hard ….if you make it that way! Training can go like clockwork. Planning and process plus a commitment to make your time accessible can give everyone a real chance for success. Let’s look at …

3 New Employee Training Stress Smashers

  • Make time to document and create your procedure manual
    • By creating the written procedures you are giving the employee a place to find success and possibly create clarity and answers for themselves (READ:  fewer interruptions to your workflow!)
  • Hire correctly
    • No rushing. No “good enough”. No skipping references!! Of course you will start with your job description first – your defined requirements…right? (If not, READ THIS!)
  • Make time to manage.  
    • You have to plan to be available for the new employee on a regular basis. Give them ways to communicate their questions and consistent calendared time on your schedule.

Successful employees will have questions at different stages of their new employment.  An employee cannot actually think of every question in the 2 hour training period you schedule on the first day.  The human brain needs time to absorb.

As the job is absorbed and considered over the next few days, weeks, and months, the new employee will start applying their own past experiences which creates the possibility of understanding AND the need for more question time.  They will want further clarification or instruction to ensure this new found understanding is correct and that you are satisfied.  The new employee is very aware that your satisfaction is required to stay employed.  Don’t be so upset that an employee wants to do it the right way…your way!

I can hear you now, “I don’t have time right now…maybe next spring.” Waiting for the slow time to hire because you will have more time is not the right way to think about your hiring process and documentation.  Put in the extra hours now because this is one investment of YOUR time that will always pay off. I promise. Even if you cannot get the full procedure manual done during a real crunch time, you can have your new employee help you fill it in as part of their role!

Please understand that it is 100% unrealistic to assume that a person will walk into a position that neither has a job description of their roles and responsibilities nor a procedure manual on HOW you want your business to perform to create any real satisfaction for you. You will not be able to give them all the details they need, all the locations of answers, or all the possible actionable steps in a quick 15 minute meeting every morning. As brilliant as you are, YOU will not remember to tell them every detail. Then they will disappoint you. Then you both will start to formulate judgements and the snow ball starts rolling!

You might as well start placing another employment ad. A good employee will want a company to offer more structure and stability so they will keep interviewing. A bad employee will stay as long as they can handle your mounting frustration because you will start to pull the work back onto your plate…while they get paid. Ouch….

If you need to hire for your company’s growth, start preparing now.

Now GO! Grow!

P.S. If you are trying to know when you should hire for your company, you could check out my blog post on that topic HERE!

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