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Do THIS before you start to hire! Part 1

By Talmar Anderson

If you speak to business owners that have had a rough time of finding, hiring, and training the first few hires for their own business….well, then you know business owners that are in the majority! I am excited to be focusing on a short series for small business owners discussing what can be done BEFORE you even place that employment ad to get the most out of your time with new hires. Let’s start with an easy step.

Start a Project List

Seeing a calendar consistently filing up and a “to do” list getting longer, business owners begin to get serious about the idea of hiring.  The stress of trying to find a candidate much less manage an employee can keep business owners stuck in the “consideration” space far too long. However one of the most limiting issues revolves around what to do if the new hire is not busy enough right away?

“I don’t want to pay someone to play on Facebook.”

“I can’t sit with them 100% of the day for the first two weeks.”

“The last person I tried drove me crazy with the “Now what? Now what? Now what”s!”

Hearing these excuses reminds me that most people will decide to hire on an impulse.  It may be an overwhelmed or stressed-induced impulse but the point is that there is VERY little consideration in their decision.  It is usually a decision that stems from the idea “I am tapped OUT”.  Either short on time or energy, a decision to hire leads directly to shopping Craigslist or Indeed for ideas for employment ads.

I would like to challenge you to start a different way!  Take note of that very first time you get an inkling that you will need help.  When you are noticing that you can’t get it all done by yourself, start a portioned off piece of your “to do” list.  You know those items on your list that you really would like to get to but keep getting pushed further down under immediate client needs and sleep?

I’d like you to start a project list.  These are the items that are not currently on your calendar to be completed in the next 30 days. This can include ideas for new markets, researching potential business tools or cleaning up a database. Capture all these great ideas and PARK them.  You know, the items that would 100% help YOUR company grow and get organized?  If it is not on your calendar now then it will be waiting until your calendar has available time. There is only one of you so these great ideas are put on hold until…well, either you can get to them or you have an extra pair of hands around….which leads to the point.

Take note that this is NOT their job description.  These are items that can be slowly addressed as time fillers but are NOT a priority. Most of these projects can be allocated (or at least the digging) as time fillers for any level or skill scope that may be required as a next hire for your company.

Hiring for a new business development person?

  • Hand them a list of adjacent markets you have been meaning to reach out and get to know.
  • Have them research new ways to be visable in your community.
  • Have them start on reconnecting with past clients.

Hiring a social media person?

  • Have them research and propose new avenues for messaging.
  • Have them investigate content statistics.
  • Have them learn the technology behind the up and coming social channels.

Hiring an Assistant?

  • Have them research a customer relationship management (CRM) software
  • Have them FULLY learn the CRM you are already using!
  • Have them research new ways to thank your clients

That list of overwhelming stuff on your never-ending “to do” list is a GREAT place to start planning projects for the in-between time with a new hire.  Either to fill the space waiting for clients to understand that they can use the new hire or to fill the space when the new hire is waiting for assignments from you!

Likely you are hiring so that YOU will have time to get to all those things listed out.  Over the first few months, you can move the deliverables or assigned workload to them as they get proficient at the role you hired them to perform. You will be able to lessen their assigned projects as you have more time from the growth of a newly trained and fully engaged employee!

THAT is what a strategic plan for your hiring can do for you and your company! Next time we will discuss what to consider before hiring by addressing the new employee’s work environment!

Now GO! Grow!

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