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Time with Others: Networking in Peer Groups

Time with Others: Networking in Peer Groups

By Talmar Anderson

Time with others IS important to help your business grow but once again we have to know what each group is doing for you, your company or your sanity! For your prospects, today’s world offers the internet which is saturated with choices. Each of your prospects is trying to choose between a sea of words that are supposed to motivate trust, help them like your business brand and make sure they know you offer a credible solution to the problem. This overwhelm is why relationships and the in person piece is so important to build a successful business.

As leaders with limited time, we need to be honest about the value we receive from each group and check in to ensure it is meeting those goals. Being in the right place and consistently allocating some of your precious time can reap great rewards. Here are 3 ways Networking in Peer Groups can offer benefits.

  1. Straight up networking to get your meet on! Joining a consistently meeting group that is about sharing contacts and giving you new opportunities to meet new contacts can be very helpful. Phone calls and sharing a knowing look with other members during the events can build a bond that can be reignited and re-shared each time you see each other again in the future! This culminating effect means you don’t have to start over every time you have an opportunity to talk about your business. These people are learning more about you and can find ways to work with or refer to you each time they get to interact with you. Because you will need to be consistent for this to work, make sure you are networking only with groups that have prospects or strong referral sources specific to your business.  These groups are about BUILDING your business so be ruthless with choosing the groups to share your time.


  1. Peer groups for learning can really help business owners and professionals “fill in gaps in their education or experience” as I like to say in my company. Often time these groups can give you a quick and direct step up in areas that you feel less confident or unsure.  These meetings are conducive to people that feel they want to learn surrounded by others with the same experiences and needs.  This bond can give you the opportunity to find motivated and focused individuals on a similar path. These groups can help alleviate that feeling of not knowing where to find answers.


  1. Then there are the peer groups that can ease stress, create true laugh therapy opportunities and build a community that can give you space to vent or celebrate.  These groups can be mastermind meetings or wine gatherings but allow for a consistent opportunity to build a supportive and important space with people that you have common interests.  While there may not be an obvious tie into your business model, you need this space just as much.


Peer groups and networking aren’t new.  This concept of meeting together with like-minded people has been around for centuries for a reason! Because you could do it alone doesn’t mean you should.  Surround yourself with people that can help you and your business get “there” through inspiration, information and old fashioned “been there done that” stories. If you do not have a place and people that can allow you to talk through or completely distract yourself, you will get overwhelmed and stressed out.  Your business is ALWAYS better served if you can be present, happy and focused with your work days.


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Where are you coming FROM, Dear?

Where are you coming FROM, Dear?
by Talmar Anderson

Let’s talk about the most significant way YOU can take control of your company’s spending AND earning.  Truly it is a simple process that can be rolled into conversations and takes just minutes to track…and yet, most of you are NOT DOING IT! Seriously, you are breaking my heart.  Be nice to Talmar and start doing this EVERY SINGLE time you have a prospect conversation or inquiry. These two questions can significantly lower your expenses while increasing your income.  This is not sunshine I am blowing. Check this out…

I want to know, I mean actually detailed and counted, know where you are getting your leads. When anyone asks about your services, your company’s pricing or how to work with you, stop and focus! I know your adrenaline starts pumping and you are trying to figure how to close the sale before you have even determined the problem, your solution and if it is a good fit but take an extra pause and invest in gathering data for your own business.

You must take the time to ask them how they heard about your company. You owe it to your own business to make sure to get more than “the internet”. Are you advertising on Facebook? Have you invested in SEO? Did you hire someone to manage and write a blog for your company?  Wouldn’t you like to know which marketing dollars are working for you?? This is our opportunity to know! Follow up questions take just another couple of minutes.  “Was it an ad or did you read an article?” “What were you searching for when you found our information?”

If the person on the other end of the telephone says “I met someone at a networking event that mentioned you”, make sure to ask if they got the name of the person.  What event were they at?  These details can ensure you are networking where your prospects are as well as make sure to acknowledge the referring person!

And let’s talk about that referring person. Are they a former or present client? Are they in an industry that is complimentary to yours? Consider that if you continue to get referrals from the same “type” of person you could start a targeted marketing campaign focused on these areas.  Then we take note on your referral tracking system/ worksheet/ notepad. I don’t care where just do it and make sure you can get to it for review!

As you review, you look for similarities. If previous customers are a strong source of referrals, make sure to be in front of all of your previous clients in some consistent way that reminds them to refer to you.

That is how this can really focus your expenses while increasing income.  If we find that our leads and clients are NOT coming from internet searches, than you may be able to move a significant part of your SEO budget to a focused direct mail “thank you” campaign to previous clients. Now we are not spending money that is not converting and we are focused on marketing to referrals we have PROOF converts to clients.

Take the time to ask.  The time to document.  This will move you away from “thinking” you get your clients from point A or being “pretty sure” that they are coming from Point B. You will KNOW how to spend marketing money that converts to paying customers. THAT is the definition of a win/win!

Now GO! Grow!

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