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Create Your Own Renewable Energy Source!

Create Your Own Source of Renewable Energy!
By Talmar Anderson
Talmar It Up, LLC

People ask me how I get my high energy and positive attitude all the time. I genuinely LOVE what I do. Creating the workflows, organizational structures and developing the “How” of any business is my happy factor.

My joy comes from helping people understand how their own business works, what options they have and how much control they actually do have over what can be done. This allows those people to go on and be profitable after me! Letting myself get excited for them, with them, even about them if they can’t see it yet is how I stay energized. What I do feeds my own personal energy bank.

Stepping into what makes me happy absolutely has led to my successes. I get excited to learn about different business and you can physically see the wheels turning in my brain while I jump out of my skin to give you insight and ideas on how to resolve issues or challenges in your company’s growth. Being in that moment of my personal joy is infectious. People talk about how they enjoy working with my company not just because of the results but because they can feel the genuine excitement for the possibilities in their future. This makes THEM excited.

Then they tell referrals that they know someone that can both offer solutions AND help connect them to the excitement of their own company growing. So I get to start all over with a new business client creating more process and developing organizational structures that can deliver on more dreams and happiness. And I don’t hide my joy.

That might be the secret. I literally mock myself because I KNOW most business owners don’t clap their hands with excitement about reviewing data on task completion times or metrics on referral sources. I get the humor and am in on my own nerd loving joke. I DO love the numbers (the Power is in the numbers my friends!).

Have you ever been with someone that is so excited by what they are talking about they make you care? From car mechanics to atttorneys, find a person that loves what they do and you will listen intently to details on how engine pistons work or why we should negotiate for the extra space. We listen because we want that energy and engagement for ourselves!

Reality check. My energy and positive attitude is NOT “on” all the time. Ask my loving (and mercifully patient) family! However, I find that making the choice to purposefully tap into the happy factor of why I do, what I do propels me into more situations where I can do MORE of what I do…do you follow my meaning?

What makes you happy? This is SELDOM something that will suck your energy dry or leave you feeling unfulfilled. If you are a business owner, you have every reason to tie your role around the actions that make you happy. This will energize you and allow you to continue to lead a team and grow a client base that wants to tap into your joy. Then you will have your own source of renewable energy!

I’d love to know what you personally get energized doing within your own business. Let me know!


is NOW the time for Change?

By Talmar Anderson

So many times in business we are chugging along but something feels off.  Maybe your company is not bringing in the kind of revenue it should be.  Perhaps you personally feel disconnected from a business mission or the customers served that have been “your life” for the past X years.  Maybe you see a path that looks promising but the amount of work and money involved to pursue the opportunity is keeping you from moving forward.  How do you know when it is the right time to spend time, money and your energy changing your business? Or do you need to try ONE more time to see if you can connect on the original intent/ product/ process?  When do you stop trying the same things and look to effect change? Insanity may be doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome but when does change not feel like a failure?

If you feel a change may be in order for your business, make the change about an informed and quantified outcome.  By taking emotions out of your test period, you will have a logical guide to keep you moving and yet let you get off the crazy train when it is not connecting.  Look at the issue that is not succeeding the way you intended and create new metrics that will move the company towards the ideal. Then set a realistic yet shorter time to review and come to a decision.

Perhaps the company has a product you designed that you just KNOW is the best thing since Swiss cheese (I know the saying is sliced bread but I know a Swiss cheese lover and this is how we say something is Really, REALLY good!). The business plan goal was to sell 10,000 Swiss cheese products by the end of the second year.  Most companies do not start looking for real change until later…like 3-5 years in. But let’s say at the end of year 2, your company has only sold 300 units.  The market is just not buying your Swiss cheese product.

The company can (and hopefully did) reevaluate and approach the market from another point of view but now we need rules. Rules that will allow us to walk away knowing we tried but “it” was not working for us.  This goal will help take the doubt and nagging “what if” feelings out of the equation. Create an “IF’ goal.  This goal is a second and new goal that is more realistic in terms of historic performance.

  • If I do not get 20 more clients.
  • If I cannot connect more to the purpose by adding 5 hrs. weekly for front line interaction with the clients.
  • If I launch a targeted short term program that converts 5 new distribution channels.

In our Swiss cheese product example, we will say our “if” goal is to sell 100 units in 6 months. This goal assumes that we are able to operate our company with revenues of 100 units within a 6 month period.  This goal also assumes that we are trying something different.    This is about change so what will we change?

To allow for sanity and a life that does not lead down the Howard Hughes path, the “If” goal MUST be followed by a “THEN” statement. This is the decision statement.

  • “Then” I will put all the company’s marketing dollars into the service side of the business and shelve the product.
  • “Then” I will look for a new purpose and find a buyer who IS connected to the business mission and customers.
  • “Then” I will commit more of the company’s budget and resources to developing and launching the newly tested offering and diversify

Did you notice that the “Then” statement had 2 parts?  An action and a defined decision.  The action is the opportunity to turn this disconnect into an opportunity.  Action allows us to move away from the idea of failure and move towards the idea of successfully making a decision that will create a better outcome. It may not be the original outcome but it is an outcome with a better “feeling” behind it.

Ideas do not always connect.  New Coke, anyone? Know when to say OK…change is here. Testing a new tactic and a quantifiable decision point can give you the confidence to know it is the correct decision.


Ahhhh…ice cream.

By Talmar Anderson

Originally posted Nov. 1, 2012

Stress. It is a killer.  It kills projects, relationships and people.  As a business owner you need to know who you will call and what you are going to do to deal with it.  It cannot be your employees.  Yes, yes, some of you have that great Number Two that hears all and knows all and is a great sounding board.  You need to make them a partner in your venture if you truly believe this, but I digress.  Remember, Number Two is still looking at YOU to set the tone on how to handle their stress. You are the company and the culture.  Not to mention that your stress may be coming from all the facets of your life at once….professional, health, family, money.  As a business owner at least 3 of these 4 are probably heavily dependent on your business.  So take a minute and really try to plan for it.  Who will it be? You need at least one or two good people that can walk you back from the edge. This person needs to be someone who will bring action items to the table.  Someone who will question how you will next progress.  Because proceed you will, and you must. You may feel stuck right this exact second.  Unmotivated or paralyzed. Or just tired. But they will question what tomorrow holds.  What steps can be addressed right now?  They will ask who else you can enlist. They may come bearing a great glass of wine, offer a one on one basketball game or my personal preference, Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip ice cream. Take a deep breath and talk it out.  Then get back to it. Your soul and energy will be fed and you’ll be ready.